The American Dream


thoughts of an american roadtrip


Some places, cultures and ways of life can enlighten you, some amuse you and some can downright shock you. Some places that you wouldn't expect to shock are some of the wealthiest and most western in the world.

Of course, you often see poverty and levels of living that are wildly different from your home country while you travel but some places are surprisingly shocking given the location.

The American Dream.

This image was shot in San Francisco, California. It was a moment that instantly captured some of the sights you see exploring the streets of this city. The instant juxtaposition between the affluence of the city and the poor homeless population seemed to be visualised right in front of the camera.

The homeless man, begging for change on the sidewalk, while in front of him was the very epitome of wealth and opulent transportation in the form of a Ferrari. The riches of California, side by side with the very poorest of its population.