Property Photography



Property photography is a specialism that requires great art direction, composition and thought as to how the photography is approached.

This image of the Unique Homestays property 'Sea Cabin' in St. Agnes, Cornwall was one of those projects that provided a challenging day of grey, rainy weather. The dull natural light needed to be overcome to produce a light, bright and welcoming appearance.

The availability of the property for the shoot was fairly limited and the deadline was tight, so it was decided that we would photograph it as soon as possible regardless of the weather.

Using a multitude of lighting, reflectors and post-production editing we achieved a good balance of artificial lighting to provide a soft, natural light effect with a bright summers day appearance.



Colour balancing, perspective correction and general image retouching helped create an image that is representative of the feel and sense of space you encounter when you first step inside this coast side property.

This final image of the open-plan space of the property is constructed of over 32 images. Each one is a separately lit photograph highlighting specific areas of the room. This technique brightens up the initial image and provides a light, welcoming summers day appearance.



Using a careful balance of colour correction, perspective straightening and general image retouching completed the softly lit appearance to the final image.

A mixed lighting image with natural daylight reflected into the scene is accompanied by an artificial flash-light source, highlighting the texture detail of the lampshade, the wood burner and the leather armchair.