Parallax Animation & Video



Parallax photography is the creation of individually animated layers using still photographs. It belongs somewhere in-between a video and a still photograph, creating depth and motion from a still photograph source.

Each selected layer moves independently creating a sense of depth, atmosphere and feeling that enhances it's still photograph origins. These projects are ideal for providing a unique dynamic visual image for a website banner or social-media campaign.



This animation featured a simple two-layered approach with the foreground and background elements moving independently and in alternate directions. The opposing direction of the two layers creates an impression of zooming into the image.

Porth Naven was an ideal location for the first test run of the Parallax animation project. Layers of rocks in amongst the surf enabled an obvious selection of parts to disassemble for the animation.


After animating the background and foreground elements a Bokeh style dust effect was added as a top-level layer. Rotating it through the scene in an alternate direction to the foreground and background added further depth to the animation.

The second parallax animation created featured a more complex selection of images to work with. The foreground and background elements were more complex to prepare in the layering process with the textured wood edges.



The primary image was shot in the early hours of the morning using a ‘painting with light’ technique, highlighting and accentuating the texture of the standing stones. The star trail image was shot at the same time and layered to create the final image.

Mên An Tol was another location that seemed perfectly suited to this kind of parallax animation technique. With the foreground stones and hills in the background providing a layering effect, adding a rotating star-filled sky seemed like a perfect fit for the scene.



Using a combination of abstract and close up video clips along with wider panning views and angles the edited video provided a quick overview of the printing equipment in action.

Focusing upon different elements of the printing equipment enabled me to tell a story of just a few of the individual processes that each print project goes through.

Control Print approached us to create a new website for their Redruth based commercial printing business. For the website’s introduction section we produced a business overview video.

The brief directed us to feature more of the equipment, processes and technology used in the business rather than the human element of the people working there.


A simple video portfolio showcase, featuring work from the Eastwood Studio photography portfolio. This simple introductory portfolio piece was constructed for use on social media platforms to promote our photography work.