Themed graphic illustrations - Cornish, Devon & overseas destinations

Wheal Coates Mine, St Agnes, Cornwall

Photography to bold graphic realisation

Inspired by vintage travel posters, we took our landscape, travel and documentary photography used for stock library and client projects and created these illustrations.

We’ve used this style of illustration for work with Surfers Against Sewage and our own printed framed illustration products.




There is no instant filter or effect that produces this level of detail. Every rock, wave, cliff edge, leaf and gradient is handcrafted to represent the depth, light and shade of the image, bringing to life the graphic interpretation of the photograph into a bold graphic realisation.

We base all our illustrations on photographic points of inspiration which enables us to create near photo-realistic levels of work. Working from photographs in such fine detail reveals almost more than the scenes hold in my memory itself and produces a near photorealistic result.